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Identify + Define Your Website Design Goals


Through a formal process of early planning and discovery, we identify the smart foundational elements needed to support your business plan and produce real value. We’ll work closely with you to produce an innovative, multi-tiered web strategy specifically designed around each of your unique priorities.

Consider the following goals:
• Modernizing your brand and online messaging
• Increasing sales and leads conversions
• Capitalizing on your competition’s weaknesses
• Improving how your site communicates with your audience
• Improving your Search Engine rank (SEO)
• Updating for Mobile Devices
• Improving the quality of new business leads.

Meeting any of these goals requires a process and strategy.
We talk with you, learn everything we can and put our experience and creativity to work.

Identify + Define Your Audience


Understanding the psychology of your audience is a critical step
toward producing a successful product.

It’s generally a safe assumption that your average site visitor will have the same two or three questions on their minds each time they visit. Designing an interface that preemptively answers those questions reduces the dissonance between consuming your content on the one hand and making a decision (to click, to buy, to submit) on the other.

This is also true of people’s psychological priorities. Are your visitors looking for the cheapest option? Or are they looking to make a decision based on trust and security?

Understanding the user’s assumptions and priorities greatly determines the effectiveness of the final design.

Refine Your Brand and Messaging Strategy


Your web presence is more than just your website. It needs to hold your brand high and inspire your audience from all directions – web, social, mobile.

Here are some common elements of brand refinement:

• Show your customers that you take pride in your name and reputation through a logo refresh or redesign.
• Modify your logo and company colors to account for shifting trends in your industry.
• Refine your tagline to be clearer and more memorable.
• Differentiate yourself from your competition.
• Craft a home page messaging strategy that clearly conveys what your do in five seconds or less.

By extending these refinements to other areas of your web presence such as social media and your Google Business listing, you can create a comprehensive online identity that people will be more likely to believe in. The result: more customers.

Competitive Analysis


Competitive analysis is critical to understanding how best to position your business.

We begin by evaluating what makes your product or service unique in order to create a marketing strategy that focuses on your strengths. We then analyze your competitors by listing their products or services, their profitability, scale of operations, marketing tactics, strengths, and perhaps most importantly their weaknesses.

Measuring Success


The success of any project is measured over the course of time. Increased rates of traffic, increased conversions and positively trending data all signal toward a successful outcome. Exposing points of weakness, drop-offs and failures to convert don’t have to signal failure. We use this highly valuable information to pinpoint areas for improvement, to guide in adjusting strategy and identifying new user trends and behaviors.

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