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Our Process

An innovative and useful online experience can only be the product of a result-driven process. Our process begins with thoughtful research and planning, and proceeds step-by-step through each project milestone in a smart, methodical manner until a quality finished product has been achieved.

  • 01/Discover

Listen Research Explore Discover Formulate

Our process begins with getting to know you and learning as much as possible about your business, industry and audience. We identify your priorities and business goals and determine a strategy to best drive home results.

  • 02/Plan

Paper Pencil Whiteboard Sketch Napkin

The planning stage is where we audit existing content, develop new content strategies, and produce critical early planning documentation such as flow charts, site architecture, mood boards, user profiles, database documentation, tech specifications and more. In short, we’re setting the right foundation for a successful build.

  • 03/Create

Experiment Imagine Illustrate Innovate Design

Drawing from the knowledge we’ve accumulated and guided by an incredibly smart plan, the creation process unfolds across a series of iterative prototyping sessions.
Once our initial concept is in place, we actively engage you in a process of review and refinement until the perfect solution is reached.

  • 04/Develope

Mobile Data Digital Architect Deploy

Our programers are at the vanguard of changing technologies for the web. We leverage the latest mobile and web development frameworks to assure seamless integration across iOS and Android while addressing such matters as hosting, security and compatibility. We take a “mobile first” development strategy with the belief that if it doesn’t work on mobile, it doesn’t work.

  • 05/Launch

Alpha Beta Test Debug Launch

Never launch on a Friday, and never launch until thorough testing has been completed. After weeks or months of development and testing, we migrate your web / mobile product to it’s new hosting environment. We conduct exhaustive functionality testing across all browsers and platforms to assure a flawless roll out.

  • 06/Measure

Track Compare Analyze Adjust Project

The success of any project is measured over the course of time. Increased rates of traffic, increased conversions and positively trending data all signal toward a successful outcome. Whereas exposing points of weakness, drop-offs and failures to convert
don’t have to signal failure. We use this highly valuable information to pinpoint areas for improvement, to guide in adjusting strategy and identifying new user trends and behaviors.


Client Testimonials

Darci L.

"Amazing service and always quick with response to questions and concerns! Would highly recommend for design and any type of service!"

Renee T.

"Great prompt service, had my request fulfilled within a few hours! Very satisfied with his work!"

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